What can you see in Bulgaria and optimal travel itinerary

Bulgaria destinations and the best itineraries? Walk along the old winding road of Koprivshtitsa town, past the tricking streams and the colorful buildings, and be taken back to a Bulgaria of the past. Set in the heart of the Sredna Gora mountain range, historic Koprivshtitsa town was once a center for the fight against Ottoman rule and still today remains a place of Bulgarian pride. The town is now popular with visitors and is an open air museum; its many mansions and houses are fantastic examples of the Bulgarian National Revival that occurred during the 19th century.

Best Bulgaria Itinerary? The sprawling capital of Bulgaria is something of a patchwork of its own past. Around its edges rise the great brutalist monuments to Soviet rule; endless streams of cookie cutting high-rises. Closer to the centre and the ancient remains of the Serdica Fort and the Roman-Byzantine Church of St George sit in the shadow of Stalinist municipal buildings. And then there are the iconic Orthodox domes and gilded edifices of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which glisten under the snow-packed tops of Vitosha Mountain in the distance. It’s all very eclectic, and rarely fails to impress travelers that opt to linger here a little while.

Burgas is one of the favoured gateways to the southern stretches of the Black Sea Coast. A far cry from the ancient and historic centres that pepper the country elsewhere, it’s a largely modern affair of Art Deco rises and manicured parks on the edge of the sea. It’s also home to some of the most lively music festivals in Bulgaria, like the rollicking Spirit of Burgas that erupts each year in the summer. North Beach is the most popular stretch of sand in the town, while Burgas also has another trick up its sleeve: the majestically beautiful trio of lakes that range from the bird-spotting paradise of Vaya to the west to the saline waters of Atanasovsko to the north. Read additional details on Bulgaria Itinerary.

Throw off the inhibitions and delve into the sun-splashed party town that is Sunny Beach. Bulgaria’s answer to Malia, Ayia Napa and Ibiza, it’s packed with thumping clubs and pubs, chatty promoters offering buckets (literally) of booze for next to nothing, flashing neon, funky ravers, booze cruises and tanned, bikini-clad, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing partiers. As well as its sleepless edge, Sunny Beach is also home to one gorgeous stretch of sand, which sits lapped over by the Black Sea and backed by the lively Boulevard, where English all-day breakfasts meet Italian pizzas in the international eateries and hotels rise in bursts of brilliant white.

Lake Burgas is a beautiful bright pink lake just west of the city of Burgas. Unlike most other pink lakes around the world, the lake’s colour is not solely caused by high salt levels. Although there is a lot of salt in the lake, it is also influenced by the farming of brine shrimp in the water. The colour of the lake tends to vary depending on where the fishermen and salt miners are currently active. There are multiple basins in the middle of the south side of the lake that are used for salt mining. These basins often have the most vivid colours, ranging from dark red to a soft pink. Unlike other pink lakes, it is possible to swim in Lake Burgas. In fact, it is encouraged, because the mud that the lake contains is said to have medicinal properties. Some of the locals believe it has anti-ageing properties and can heal certain ailments, because of this it’s a well-known wellness attraction in Bulgaria. Read more details on https://yourtravelitinerary.com/.