Why visit Istanbul? and walking tours

Top travel locations to visit in Istanbul, Turkey? You must visit the Asian side of the city when visiting Istanbul. How often can you visit two continents in a matter of minutes and not even have to go through customs! We popped over to Asian Istanbul after a scenic cruise checking out the shores of both North and South. A good stop is Kanlica, famous for its thick yogurt. When strolling through the city, you’ll see many older gentlemen playing games. The game of choice is Backgammon and you must give it a try. Look for a local cafe offering boards to use, sit down and order a coffee or tea and play until your heart’s content. This popular game dates back 5,000 years in the Persian empire and is going strong today in the city of Istanbul.

With the majority of tourist attractions located on the European side, most first-time travelers to Istanbul don’t venture into the Asian side of the city. Had it not been for Ciya Sofrasi and Walter’s Coffee Roastery, then we wouldn’t have gone there either. Home to a maze of cafes, bars, restaurants, and some trendy neighborhoods, the Asian side has much to offer and is well worth a day if you can spare it. We traveled around Turkey for two weeks so we went to these places on our own, but if you don’t have as much time, then you can visit them on day trips from Istanbul as well. Domestic flights are inexpensive and efficient in Turkey, making these day trips to other regions highly possible.

Officially called Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul’s most famous sights. Built in the early 1600s, the grand mosque was built as a show of pride and defiance and a way to reaffirm Ottoman power in Istanbul after losing a battle with the Persians. Standing on the site of an earlier Byzantine palace, the beautiful building has six minarets, five large domes, a number of smaller domes, ornate stained glass, and stunning tilework. With a blend of Islamic and Byzantine Christian features, it is often thought of as the last great mosque to come from the classical period. Still an active place of Islamic worship, the mosque is also open to tourists. Be sure to dress respectfully to visit the Blue Mosque and women should don the head covering and gowns provided. Marvel at the striking facades that dominate the skyline and be awed by the size of the main hall. See the magnificent stained glass windows, handmade ceramic tiles with various designs, opulent chandeliers, calligraphy, and fine carpets. Read a few extra details on Free walking tour Istanbul.

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and one of the popular tourist destinations worldwide. The rich culture and glorious history attracts many to visit this one of the largest cities in Europe. Beautiful city Istanbul is a complete historic city where the main attractions are many years old mosques and churches. Some topmost must-see landmarks are Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Ortakoy Mosque. The traditional Grand Bazaar became an iconic must-visit popular market for tourists in Istanbul. And this market is also one of the largest and oldest markets in the world. Another popular and historical activity in Istanbul is Turkish Baths. There are many hamams or Turkish bathhouses you might like to try for the first time during your trip.

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